2017. november 8., szerda

Sara első élményei nálunk

Októbertől új kaland kezdődött szigetünkön, megérkezett az első olasz EVS önkéntesünk! Mindannyiunk számára fontos tapasztalás ez, reméljük, hogy sokat fogunk egymástól tanulni. A magyar órái még nem kezdődtek el, ezért bejegyzései angolul születnek majd, amíg majd megtanul magyarul :) Itt az első (aki nem érti, nézzen be hozzánk és elmeséljük, hogy miről szól! :)


I have visited Budapest twice. It has been love at first sight. But in the eyes of the city I was nobody, but a mere and unknown tourist. Now I can finally say that I live here. I live the real city, with its autumn colors, its breath-taking views, its refined architectural lines and especially its everlasting smells of bakeries, éttermek, kávézók.

I had (and I still have) the chance to join a great project, of which the main aim is help people who live in poverty to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Due to that goal, the Filantrópia Charity Shop, and the Profilantrop Association which is behind it, need to engage with different approaches. There is the shop, as they proudly say, "an island where items can anchor to find a home and help serve others". And there are others eco-social projects.

They include the creative and innovative recycling and reusing of items or otherwise the real action of projecting and building tools for the poor.
I had the chance to give birth to new objects as shopping bags, carpets, dogs and cats' toys by using items that others may think are rubbish.
But that is just one way to help.

Thanks to our trip to Ág, I could have seen the other approach: the Association, in connections with other partners, enable itself in the rebuilding of roofs and doors in order to improve heating insulation and their lifestyles.
I could have met a different part of Hungarian reality, composed of simple, welcoming and lovely humans.

During the first month with Filantrópia I dealt with extraordinary colleagues, uncommon costumers, a very friendly atmosphere and with a brand new reality that I actually didn't expect.

And I already know that it is just the beginning.

Sara's experience is supported by Erasmus+

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